biovativ GmbH




Our business

is to develop innovative engineering solutions for testing agricultural crops as well as plant protection products, fertilizers or biotechnological products in the field. We also offer the practical implementation of such tests in field trials.     


biovativ GmbH is placed in AgroBioTechnikum  in Groß Lüsewitz, circa 15 km far from Rostock. This innovative location has a long-lasting tradition in plant breeding for more than 100 years.

biovativ GmbH was founded in 2004. Core of our activities is the advancement of the technical and engineering equipment in agricultural research and the testing of agro-technical technologies in the field. We set ourselves the declared aim to meet the requirements of future innovative and high-tech products.

Our research and development with the aim to develop plot machines for field trials is supperted by the European Fonds for Regional Deveopment. Europäische Union


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